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The brands included on this page are hand-selected trailblazers in their respective health fields, who are unified in my GUT HEALTH Mission. 


You may have also caught a glimpse of these incredible innovations and innovators on Food Freedom, the #1 most watched nutrition show. Or, my might have heard me mention these products on one of my social media channels: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, X or TikTok.

I’ve had the privilege of working with these exceptional individuals and companies, and I’m thrilled to highlight their expertise here. Now, it's time to explore their groundbreaking offerings that can transform your health and enhance your lifestyle.

Each of these programs and products are tailored to elevate and build off the foundation created within my GUT CHECK program and our NEW, powerful 7-in-1 Digestion and Blood Sugar Product - Zive 7


The Wait is Finally Over!

A lifetime of research and practice as a digestive surgeon and two years of work on this project has brought us to this day — drumroll please... Zive 7 is NOW AVAILABLE!

Zive 7 isn't just a supplement; with seven cutting-edge functions meticulously designed to strengthen your digestive system, balance blood sugar levels, and combat leaky gut, it's a game changer for your gut health and digestive wellness.

Experience the transformation of Zive 7 today!

Introducing Zive 7, a finely-tuned symphony of gut health for your daily ritual, blending nature’s intelligence with scientific precision.

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Regain Your Hotness & Reclaim Your Sanity

This mini program is designed to help you optimize your time and cleanse your body of toxins, significantly enhancing your overall quality of life. It offers practical tools and valuable tips to support your health goals, building on the foundation laid out in my GUT CHECK program.  

Imagine a master switch within your body that governs every facet of your well-being. Understanding how to identify, operate, and control this switch is crucial, and this program serves as your guide to mastering it. Take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life by exploring this mini program. Click the button below to learn more. 


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