A collection of podcasts with Dr. Anna Toker on Food Freedom, on Brinx.TV which is hosted by Mark MacDonald and Carrie Lupoli. To see other podcasts that Dr. Toker has been a part of please click the following link. podcast



Tune into BRINX.TV for Food Freedom - Your Epicenter for All Things Nutrition for the latest episodes featuring Dr. Anna Toker.  Carrie Lupoli is co-producing and co-hosting with Celebrity Nutritionist and NY Times Best Selling Author, Mark Macdonald. Through daily shows, Lupoli & MacDonald challenge how the world looks at food so that it is not good or bad, but fuel. They offer simple tips, tricks and life hacks to help you improve by 1% each day, helping you stop comparing yourself to others, and showing you how to start thinking about your health as something you want to do, not something you need to do.

In addition to Food Freedom, MacDonald is also the creator of PFC3. Which stands for the three main macronutrients:  protein, fats, and carbs — and eating PFC Every 3 means eating a balance of all three every three hours.  A Global Body-Mind-Lifestyle movement empowering you to live with food freedom & centered on blood sugar balance.  Experience the 100 Days of 1%



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